For our sold systems, produced equipment and machines, we can offer our personalized service. This service extends to assistance with programming issues, development of new technologies, maintenance and repair work up to the training (if needed at your place of work) or production support. As a novelty we offer a personalized service production in our factory. This gives you as a customer the possibility that under our technical guidance a production ramp-up can be implemented in your / our machine. Thus you achieve a know-how transfer for your employees and a more rapid optimization of your processes. At the same time we want you to overcome any uncertainty when using a FANUC machine for series production impossible.

Service area

In order to provide you a fast support regarding the sold machines and manufactured products and installations, we kindly ask you to use our eMail hotline for questions and service support. Thus we avoid the general questions and can provide you targeted the right person to the side. In general, you will receive an email response or a recall by a service technician. With FANUC controls our online access allows quick and direct access to your control.

eMail-Hotline for service in generell:





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