RobMation – System Integration Solutions and Accessories

For individually designing purposes your FANUC ROBODRILL we offer in addition to proven products from the fields of tools and clamping adapters, all necessary options with a distinct competitive advantage for you too.

Tool presetting

With a tool presetter, the task is actually defined exactly. However, we immediately think about an enhanced benefit by and developed in cooperation with our customers a small, inexpensive and accurate method incl. the complete Tool Management. The processing time required is reduced to a minimum.

Tools and cooperation partners

About partner we supply you with the right products for your machining task. We can not know all the nuances in the huge field of machining and help ourselves through a unique network by expert advisors in the field of machining, These specialists for molding cover the handling process from single parts to mass production from all areas. Once you need special tools, regardless of whether carbide, ceramic, PCD or CBN, so we can deliver the custom made solution. Fast, accurate and cheap.

Device, hydraulic and serial production

The FANUC ROBODRILL is the ideal machine in the travers range of 400 x 700mm, certainly when it comes to the integration of additional functions for devices etc.. All required functions are integrated into the internal management and addressed through additional M commands. Especially the working area allows for optimal utilization of the travers paths, as there is plenty of space inside the protective covering. We integrate a compact hydraulic and accessory unit to the central supply every need in the hydraulic supply, and this up to a pressure of 250 bar. In the modification of production processes in the automotive sector, we do not compromise. Here we use the additional capacity of the FANUC control to production-related machining parameters (feed, speed, zero points programs, etc.) to store it in a database for 100% inspection.

Inside automation and robotic cells

For the simple tasks we have small handling systems integrated into the machine. Some tools known as pickers, we have automated the changing of components. Although it follows a slightly increased cleaning efforts, but the machines operate over a long period unmanned. Either blanks supplied and discharged, or it is carried out by the “bar”; both with a magazine.

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