Werkstueck Collision protection system

Especially for CNC machines with a FANUC control we offer collision protection systems. Your machine and your device is protected against accidental collisions by the complex integration into the control setting environment. In addition, all collisions will be recorded and available for data retrieval. For each mounted tool the release characteristic are configurable. The CNC operator interface supports the configuration at any time.

You get reduced downtime and material costs plus improved planning reliability through:

  • response time < 1 millisecond
  • 3D vibration analysis
  • log / black box
  • you can set an individual release characteristic to each tool in acceleration steps of 2,5 m/s2 – 120 m/s2)
  • full integration into the control

System benefits:

  • increased machine availability
  • reduced “out of operation” events
  • significant reduction of consequential damages
  • reduction of machine downtime
  • reliable detection, rapid response
  • longer machine life
  • simple integration and handling

Collision protection system consisting of:

  • 1x 3-axle sensor
  • 1x interface
  • extension cable 10m
  • 1x ethernet patch cable 5m
  • 1x additional function for machine protection
  • 1x RobMation GmbH®  PMC software package “collision protection”

Prices at a glance:Button

5.200 € ex factory with full integration into a new machine
+ 800 € for retrofitting, plus travel back and force
Prices plus the current VAT.

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