For RobMation GmbH® , Coolants (KSS) are an important and non-negligible part of the process in machining. For the quality of processing and the associated costs, it is important to ensure secure and longer service life for tools and cooling lubricants as well as high quality of the finished component. This is true of synthetic, semi-synthetic and soluble oils.

Advantages over the competition:

  • Matching of KSS for the used water quality (customer plant) in our laboratory
  • Better drainage behavior, thus less carry / discharge of KSS on the components
  • Under a maintenance contract, the KSS-Fleet is overseen and logged

For each industry and each machining process, we use coordinated solutions. Currently we develop a downstream purification system as an integrated solution (cell) for machine-made components. Especially and exclusively, we have, within our Fanuc Turn Key Solution projects, a KSS and cleaner at the top class at world level. Our global technology partner for our Turn Key Projects is: Master Chemical

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