CNC – Control

FANUC CNCs can be adapted to any machine configuration in a very short time and are fully compatible with all previous versions. Useful simulation tools and easy-to-use standard setups, such as FANUC NC-Guide software, makes it easier to set up the FANUC CNC, so that a system is usually ready within a few days. The controls are easily adaptable to the particular machine and provide everything necessary for an application – and if help is needed, our customer service is always available.

The RobMation GmbH®  assists from consulting and installation to commissioning and training.

Through us you will get the necessary support for the following applications and tools.

About individual CNC programs developed by RobMation GmbH®  the machining process is additionally secured; Operator inputs are monitored with limits, therefore incorrect entries are excluded.

With our CNC programs with a status monitor, a CNC program can be interrupted during operation and started after a reset at the same point of the crash.

With PC tools and more than 250 software functions FANUC offers dedicated solutions for every imaginable CNC configuration. So simplifications in processing are favored, as well as operational efficiency and greater operator safety, higher surface quality and shorter cycle times.

FANUC software tools for the workshop programming Manual Guide i

With FANUC Manual Guide i – the solution for machining centers, the total time of the drawing to the finished product through a graphical user interface (dialog control) -is significantly reduced.


With FANUC TURN MATE i – the solution for turning centers – the total time of the drawing to the finished product through a graphical user interface (dialog control) is significantly reduced.

FANUC software tool for development

NC-Guide for development

Create an outstanding software development environment for your FANUC CNCs: NC-Guide provides capabilities for simulating machine signals and support for the standard FANUC Operator Area, as well as the PMC ladder. In combination with other FANUC software development tools, such as FANUC PICTURE, FANUC LADDER-III, C- and MACRO EXECUTER the development environment is even more efficient than with actual CNC.


FANUC LADDER-III is the standard programming system for creating, viewing, printing, editing, debugging and monitoring of flow programming for CNC PMC method. It can be used together with NC-Guide on one or more PCs and is connected via Ethernet easily with the CNC.

Integrated device tool to automatically 3D Collision avoidance

By using this Windows® application you can configure the functions of the integrated automatic 3D collision avoidance of the 30i / 31i series on a PC. The unified management of 3D projects simplifies working with three-dimensional forms and results in shorter start times, a more efficient machine and project management as well as a faster set-up.

FANUC User Tools

Program Transfer Tool

With the program transfer tool you can manage via Microsoft Windows® the  offset tool, part programs, offset workpiece and tools, custom macro values. The connectivity to CNC, data server or PC works via Ethernet.

CNC screen display function (Screen Display Function, SDF)

FANUC SDF is our best tool for CNC maintenance and setup of open CNC systems. You can access a PC on your CNC screen and get an easy to use tool for remote maintenance. The connection is via Ethernet or HSSB.

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