RobMation GmbH

Turn Key Solution Provider

FANUC Systemhouse

As the FANUC system integrator with process-oriented manufacturing experience in serial production RobMation GmbH® offers worldwide individual solutions. The high-performance control system from FANUC is the perfect fit for use in complex machines and robotic production lines. They are to be programmed quickly, easy to use and interconnect rapidly. With the highest quality and short production cycles per peace Fanuc systems provide a reliable machine availability of 99.98% while the operating costs are optimized to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

As part of Turnkey Solutions the entire production process has our focus. We deal extensively with FANUC products, specifically only with FANUC products, and that right! Devices, measurement setups, specific machinery processing tasks, etc. are our daily challenge. After the planning and construction of your machine or production line, we perform at our site the preliminary acceptance test and the subsequent transport to your plant. After the construction and starting up of the training of your staff follows. Further details can be found on the following pages. And once you have a technical problem, we are happy to help.


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